Your life, your gift, your way

You’re at that stage in your life when you’ve gathered enough financial security through your life’s successes to consider giving back and benefiting your broader community. You yearn to leave a legacy now and into the future.

Prosperity is the gift of wisdom

You’d like to see your contribution have a direct impact and you would relish the chance to help direct which charities benefit from your contribution.

You’re seeking a way to contribute that leaves you feeling engaged, rewarded and fulfilled.

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Purposeful & ethical equals leadership

You seek to be regarded as a leader in purposeful and ethical business. You know it’s this attention to contribution that will help you stand apart from your peers. You’re looking to contribute in a way that represents your corporate values. You’re seeking to measure the impact of your dollar. You would relish the opportunity for your clients to receive voting rights on which charities will receive Demèter Legacy grants. You’re seeking a way to contribute that demonstrates your brand values, engages your clients, and helps retain your employees who appreciate knowing their work is making a positive difference in the community.

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Impact beyond a lifetime

You’re looking for a way to contribute that enables to you make a real and lasting impact. You want to see the results of your contribution making a tangible difference into perpetuity. You’re particularly passionate about supporting the people working to protect our vulnerable animals, habitats and local community. Perhaps you’ve considered starting your own philanthropic fund, but you’d prefer to contribute to an existing organisation who shares your strong values and is committed to making a positive difference beyond your lifetime.

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