A philosophy of healing

We dream of a world where those without a voice are seen, heard, protected, and cherished. We strive to create such a world by financially supporting those working to make our world better.

Your life, your gift

We all want the best for our families, friends and future generations. But everyone’s gift in life is different. We work with you to define your unique legacy to future generations and assist you on the transition from gathering to giving.

Values that matter

Demèter Legacy is imbued with the gentle Buddhist philosophy of kindness. Our ethos is to heal and not harm, respect the lives of all living beings and speak out for those who don’t have a voice. Demèter Legacy lives by the values of compassion, wisdom and discernment.

How we help?

Demèter Legacy provides grants to specific projects, as well as ongoing financial sponsorship to organisations impacting the following three areas: dogs in need, vulnerable animals and habitats, and disadvantaged children and elderly.


Our Demeter Legacy grants program partners with not-for-profit organisations – providing professional and financial resources – achieving projects that contribute to the wellbeing of man’s best friend, the protection of vulnerable animals and their habitat, and strengthening our vulnerable communities in Australia and abroad. Below are some of our most recent partnerships. For further information on the projects undertaken please go to ‘how we help’.

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