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As a Demèter Legacy partner you will not only be doing your bit to make the world better, you’ll also have the opportunity to collaborate with us to decide who receives our support.

Demèter Legacy provides grants to specific projects, as well as ongoing financial sponsorship to organisations working in the following three areas:

Man's best friend

As our best friends, dogs contribute to our society by giving us unconditional love, protection, joy and happiness. Our aim is to elevate their importance in society through achieving the following goals.

Our goals are simple

Demèter Legacy funds initiatives that educate our younger generation on the important role that dogs play in our society, how society harms them and what they can do to change the future.

Demèter Legacy funds initiatives that strive to change legislation directly related to protecting the rights of dogs, outlawing ill treatment, and stamping out unregistered breeding and puppy farming.

Demèter Legacy funds initiatives that increase sterilisation to reduce the number of unwanted and unplanned puppies.

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We share the world with beautiful beings that bring immense joy when we connect. Yet we're destroying their homes and their habitats. Our aim is to respect their lives through our initiatives.

Our aims are simple

Demèter Legacy funds educational initiatives that seek to inform communities on how they can prevent the harm and destruction of animals and their habitats. These initiatives show people a better way, a way that makes sense not only for the animals and habitats but also for the local community.

Demèter Legacy strives for permanent, positive change. As such, it funds initiatives which strive to change legislation to ensure the protection of vulnerable animals and their habitats.

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Children bring us joy and inspiration; the elderly bring us wisdom and gentleness. Our aim is to deliver dignity, hope and joy to our disadvantaged children and elderly.

Our aims are simple

The Demèter Legacy Fund provides funding to local and international programs that specifically deliver initiatives that will bring dignity, hope and joy to our vulnerable children and elderly.

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